Why Book a Puppet Show?

March 22, 2016
Why Book a Puppet Show?

Making Unique Childhood Memories in a Busy Electronic World

Sadly, life is being replaced by iPads, iPhones and xBox, turning a childhood into “iLife”. Remember the summer days, mom and dad kicked you out of the house early in the morning and you spent the afternoon playing in the backyard?? This is not to condemn parents in any way, really it’s how can a ball in the backyard compete with Angry Birds?

There is however special moments that can be shared with family and friends, celebrations of life, birthdays, reunions of family… and this is the opportunity to pull the plug on the iPad for an afternoon and share with your child art and culture through a live puppet show. A rare opportunity to make a unique experience and lasting memory. How often does a child get to see a traditional form of performance art? The likelihood of having a three year old sit through the ballet is next to impossible, but an entertaining performance that encourages laughter, screams of joy and excitement in the comfort of you own home is perfect for young children and your sanity.

At Damen Avenue Puppeteers, our puppet shows are not only entertaining, but classic storybook classics that help to build morals. In between, three acts we also bring out small hand puppets for young children to interact and pet. The look of amazement and joy from a young child petting a fuzzy mouse is precious.

So if you are looking for unique children’s party ideas, that require no work or preparation on you end, then think about booking a live puppet show at your home or party venue. For more information, please contact Susan Witek (847) 259-5167

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