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Live Outdoor Summer Puppet Show Northwest suburbs illinoisResidents enjoy summer’s final Little Bearfoot concert, Live Puppet Show in Glenview, IL

Puppeteers from the Damen Avenue Puppeteers Chris Krawczyk (left) and Susan A. Witek entertain the crowds at the final Little Bearfoot Concert Series event of the summer on July 24 at the Gallery Park Amphitheater. Read interview >>
Photos by Dave Kraus/22nd Century Media Source
Meet Susan Witek of Damen Ave. Puppeteers.com in Northwest
So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Chicago area traveling puppet show with over 20 years of experience. Offering live puppets and entertainment for children, especially ages 3- 5 years old. We travel to your location and set up a portable stage, indoor or outdoor, for private parties, birthday parties, festivals, library programs, senior homes, corporate events or general audience shows. Puppet shows are a fun and engaging event that becomes a lasting memory for a young child. It’s a sharing experience for the whole family and friends. My Dad had several puppets with his exhibit company.
Interview with Voyage Chicago >>
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